CTHR Salary Trends & Employment Survey 2017Q1


CTHR Salary Trends & Employment Survey 2017Q1
Most Hong Kong employers polled in the latest CTHR Salary Trends and Employment Survey Q1 2017 are still offering modest salary increases and bonuses, but envisage recruitment slowing down this year.
《CTHR 2017年第一季度薪酬及招聘趨勢調查》發現,大部分僱主將加薪及發放花紅,但加薪幅度輕微,且對招聘持審慎態度。

Hong Kong recruitment levels are reasonably flat, with entry-level staff in biggest demand, and those in sales, accounting and auditing, and information technology leading the pack.
整體而言,本港招聘市場相當平穩,初級員工的需求龐大,而銷售 / 顧客服務 / 業務發展會計 / 審計資訊科技等工種的人才需求最為殷切。

Most employers are still paying modest increases and annual bonuses, but in spite of these factors, a large percentage of employees – disgruntled with salaries and prospects – are looking to change jobs in the year ahead.
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