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成為果斷領袖的秘訣 Secrets to Leading with Assertiveness

您將學會在面對挑戰時,顯得自信而不咄咄逼人,同時學會如何展現自信,應付困難的局面,並友善地表達不同意見。掌握增強自信的 10 個秘訣,您將在同事和團隊中發揮影響力,建立彼此的合作關係。
3 Apr 2020 -

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  • Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA

    7 May 2020 Causeway Bay

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  • Developing Supervisory Charisma (Webcast)

    7 Apr 2020 -
  • Review of HKEX ESG Updates in Reporting Requirements Effective from 2020

    22 Apr 2020 Admiralty
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®引導師認證課程

    25 Apr 2020 Kowloon Tong

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