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Competency Based Interviewing - Learn from the Expert Virginia Choi, JP

The One-Day workshop is designed for professional HRs, talent acquisition specialists and line managers. Participants will learn how to
Develop key interviewing skills and strategies to conduct competency based interviews
Establish a systematic means of enrolling and analysing behavioural data to support a competency based evaluation of candidate
Use the approach to build good working relationships
Programme Outline
Defining the job and person specification
Identifying competencies
Candidate assessment
Interview structure: SOAR model
Interview approach: Data collection
Competency based interviews
Skilful questioning and listening techniques
The quality and success of the interview process
Matching a candidate’s qualifications with job dimensions closely
Evaluating the evidence
Other assessment methods
The DISC Personality System (Complimentary DISC Report included: original price HK$800)
Understand the process of finding the required competency at work
Custom designing various relevant competency based questions
Identify the three steps for competency based interview and other interview techniques
Review how the DISC assessment can help you with your interview
30 Mar 2020 North Point

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