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Performance Management and Appraisals

Most companies would agree that Performance Management and Appraisals are essential management tools, but are often mis-handled or not employed at all. This course will help you to acquire the correct understanding of why we need Performance Management and how to carry it out effectively. You will learn how to set and track goals jointly with your employees to meet corporate and personal objectives, how to exercise performance appraisals, how to give honest feedback, and how to effectively coach and support team members to accelerate their performance.
You will be more motivated and at ease in using the process and techniques learned in this course, which is an ongoing process for helping your people develop themselves in their day-to-day performance.Objectives
Use the most effective approach for planning, developing and reviewing staff performance
Ensure appraisals are fair and impartial
Set measurable objectives jointly with employees
Learn the techniques for giving performance feedback
Conduct effective performance appraisals that are motivating and inspiring
19 Jan 2021 -

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