Distance-Learning Certificate Course on How to be a Successful Trainer

Distance-Learning Certificate Course on How to be a Successful Trainer
DATE & TIME (Expired)
9 Jul 2020 (Thu) - 9 Oct 2020 (Fri)
12:00 AM
HKD 1,150

At the end of this course, participants will be able to-
- acquire the skills required of an eff ective trainer
- use a variety of training skills for instruction, presentation
and leading eff ective discussions
- identify the training needs of his course participants
- design effective training programmes and evaluate the
eff ectiveness

1. The Skills Required of a Successful Trainer
- Subject competence
- Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills
- Influencing and Persuasion Skills
- Understanding the Audience
- Strong Presence
2. The Trainer as a Communicator - for Individual
- Basic Communication Skills, Presentation Skills
- Instruction and Demonstration Skills
3. The Trainer as a Communicator - for Groups
- Why Discussions are Used
- Skills in Leading Discussions
4. The Trainer as a Communicator - Persuasion through
Case Analysis
- Introducing a Case
- Briefi ng on Case Analysis
- Handling Plenary Studies
5. Popular Training Methods
- On the Job Training, Games and Role Play, Action
Maze, In-basket Exercise, etc.
6. Choosing Among the Various Training Methodologies
- Comparing the Various Methods
- Criteria for Choice
7. Psychology of Adult Learning - Enhancing the
Memory Process
- Principles of Mastering Memory
- How to Enhance the Memorising of Learning
- Organizing
- Injecting Meaningfulness into Teaching Material
- Making Effective Use of Trainees’ other Sensory
- Increasing Association
8. Psychology of Adult Learning - the Learning Cycle
- Different Kinds of Learners
9. Psychology of Adult Learning - Motivation in
- Maslow’s Theory and Application
- Herzberg’s Theory and Application
10. Psychology of Adult Learning - The Learning
- Pavlov’s Theory and Application
- Skinner’s Theory and Application
11. Using Visual Aids
- Kinds of Visual Aids
- Choosing the Suitable Visual Aid
- Criteria for an Eff ective Visual Aid
12. How to Prepare for Instruction Sessions
- Knowing your Objectives
- Identifying Components of the Subject
- Developing Teaching Sequence
- Selecting Method and Other Aids
- Using the Horizontal Plan
13. How to Design and Prepare an Effective Training
- Identifying Objectives
- Analysing the Audience
- Breaking down Learning Components
- Course Structuring
14. Identifying Training Needs
- Tools for Identifying Training Needs
- How to Select among your Tools
- Designing your own Tools for Identifying Needs
15. Training Evaluation
- Tools and Methods for Evaluation
- Comparing Different Evaluation Tools
16. The Systems Approach to Training
- How Training relates to other Personnel Functions
- Using an Integrated Approach

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DATE & TIME (Expired)
9 Jul 2020 (Thu) - 9 Oct 2020 (Fri)
12:00 AM
HKD 1,150

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